I am Eric. I’ve had a lot of jobs. Right now I run graphic design projects.

These include corporate identity — helping companies look good to the right people — as well as web and print design. I interview my clients (a lot of whom are B2B, technology, and non-profit organizations) and find out the business details and the human details of who they are and what they need to say. I give this information to artists, who translate it into cues that represent the same information visually. Communicating visually is quicker and more repeatable and has deeper impact.

Myself, I help these clients think about the words they use. When that helps them connect with what they really believe, I’m especially lucky. Beliefs are good. “Content strategy” is becoming “social media strategy.” So increasingly I’m helping organizations out with social media, too. It is my favorite.

Why am I writing all this? Marketers use a lot of vague and theoretical language to talk about what they do. I want to be specific. Not only because that’s my philosophy — being specific, being authentic, and being decent — but because I really want you to hire me and you should know what you’re getting.

What is this blog? Marketing and advertising, as meaning-making, are fascinating. There is also a lot of bullshit involved in them. I like talking about both of those things here. And by the way these views are my own.



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