Tao of Twitter (4)

Back to DMs. In keeping with the spirit of social media, which suggests we should (get ready for a major cliché) “create an authentic dialogue,” I won’t close with my Top Ten Tips for Achieving DM Success. I won’t do it because it’s gross. I will instead ask for your input, possibly non-existent reader. Do you use DMs? Do they help you achieve whatever your personal or professional goals are on Twitter? Are there other forms of etiquette you’ve seen evolve in the last 15 years in response to new technologies?

If you comment or send me some thoughts I promise to write back an actual response. With genuine sincerity, Eric.

-Eric Hayward


3 responses to “Tao of Twitter (4)

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  2. you are very wise and will certainly excel in social media circles. here is another article i’ve read and appreciated about twitter manners, on a more personal, rather than professional or marketing level. http://www.themorningnews.org/archives/the_thoughtful_user_guide/writing_my_twitter_etiquette_article_14_ways_to_use_twitter_politely.php

  3. This is what makes communication over social media tricky. There are no rules, in large part because it is a rapidly evolving medium. The best we can hope for are lose guidelines for how to act (or how not to, as the case may be.)

    You bring up an interesting point about we establish rules of engagement as new technologies evolve. I wonder if people had the same kinds of questions when the typewriter became mainstream, or when telegraphs were the norm. Eventually, it is the community that sorts it out by accepting or rejecting what’s appropriate. It takes a little time, but eventually we get there.

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