The government says you’re a bad dad.

This ad is from a campaign sponsored by the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Thanks for the help, but...

Couple of interesting assumptions in there.  One, that African American men aren’t good fathers.  Two, that anybody — especially a government agency — has the right to judge someone else’s parenting.  Helping families succeed and looking after kids are noble intentions.  This tactic smacks of the Moynihan era.

Fatherhood dot gov indeed.


3 responses to “The government says you’re a bad dad.

  1. David Buchner, ick. I wish “Orwellian” hadn’t been overused by so many people, because…

  2. David Buchner

    Listening to a lot of talk radio like I do (or used to do), I’ve heard a lot of these Ad Council PSAs, and they’re all creepy, to my way of thinking. There’s one that tells you to ought talk to your little kids, …because they’re learning to talk, you know.

  3. David Buchner

    There’s another one that tells you to not go around doing crimes with a gun – because you’ll go to prison if you get caught, and then your family will be sad and lonesome without you.

    As IF, were I a sleazy guy who was going to abandon his kids and run off, or hold up a liquor store… and IF I was listening to Garage Logic on AM radio… then hearing these ads would really affect me and get me to change my ways.

    You know? I WAS going to rob the bank in Akeley and move out of state with my new girlfriend, leaving my wife & kid to fend for themselves. But then I heard this public service announcement and I changed my mind.

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